Coach Kat

My Bowling accomplishments:

  1. 7 Times Gold metal of Winter Badger State Games, and 1 Bronze
  2. Girls MVP of 2009 Wisconsin High School Bowling
  3. Highest series 567
  4. Highest game 223 (2011-2012)

Coaching experiences

  1. Fall 2009 coached EC Memorial High School “Old Abes””
  2. Fall 2010 – Spring of 2012 EC Regis High School “Ramblers”

Our Motto is “Go Big or Go Home”
We may be the underdog but we got where it counts as well as Team Spirit.

My job is the guide them and help them with bowling and give them tips/ advices on their bowling.

Our goal for this year is having fun and raising more attention to this sport.


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