Best Villains of 2012

Which villains can I pick at? the ones that won’t come and kill me for stating the truth.

Before I Wake (Soul Screamers, #6)Soul Screamers: Avari Hellion of Greed

Yeah he is the worst hellion you could meet, and don’t ever sell your soul for greed. He’s been causing trouble for Kaylee throughout the series since My Soul to Save. Avari have found ways to toture Kaylee, one way was impersonating people in her inner circle to a point where she didn’t know whose is whose. Then Avari made deals with other hellions if he were able to get Kaylee’s soul (well before she died) Now in Before I Wake, Avari is able to possess dead people from Kaylee’s past screams, Now the matter is what does Avari have in mind after so many failed attempts?



City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5)TMI: City of Lost Souls: Sebastian (Clary’s brother?)

honestly this guy doesn’t care about anything but himself, he was filled with rage and revenge for his father Valentine. The twisted part was possessing Jace  body and mind because Jace’s blood help him return to life/death. Using Lilith’s bond to alter Jace’s memories to believe they are on the same side and plans on raising and army of demons and dark shadowhunters to destroy the world. This link makes it unable to kill him because it will kill Jace too. After a dark ritual, he uses the Infernal Cup to create more evil nephilims and almosts turns Clary but is quickly stopped by the arrival of the Lightwoods and their allies. Before he manages to escape, Clary is forced to stab Jace with the angelic sword Glorious, severing his bond with Sebastian and causing the latter horrible pain. At the end of the book he sends a message to Maryse Lightwood, bloody severed angel wings with a single piece of paper saying “I am coming”

Dark Kiss (Nightwatchers, #1)Dark Kiss: Samantha’s Aunt Natalie and the GREYs

Yes, Samantha’s aunt is certain a villain because I see her more as a foe than a friend. She created the Greys and sent out a particular Grey after her niece Samantha who was unaware just how dangerous a kiss could be. Her plan was to open the barriers to other cities and create more GREYs.  She tried to covert Samantha to realizes the powers of the Greys are meant to be but for reasons Samantha can’t trust her.



Finale (Hush, Hush, #4)Finale: Dante

He trained Nora but turn his back against her because he firmly believes that he is higher than Nephilium and fallen angels. He created lies above lies to get followers and manipulated Nora. Greed is Power and Devilcraft was created.