My first Foreign Editions

Well just last week, I purchase my first EVER foreign edition book. Now what book you ask? Well I’ve always had my eyes on the gorgeous UK version of the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent.

So what I purchase with some money I earn from bowling 🙂 I was so excited to get some of the Soul Screamers books but there were a few things I had to weight in.

Where did I go to do this? Its called

1. find the most reasonable price
2. Find the closest seller
3. Look up the seller to see what else they may have (Example: Did they have the other books from the series? YES)
4. I initially wanted all of the books, but then I had to keep in mind that there were shipping fees

Keep in mind the Shipping Fees was expensive, so I decided to only get so many books for a lower shipping fees.

Now I did attempt to use an online coupon but I didn’t reach the price max 😦

So in conclusion I choose to purchase My Soul to Keep, My Soul to Steal, and If I Die because I love the cover design.

Now my experience with

At first I thought the books wouldn’t be here when I would be home since the estimate delivery date was when I was going to be out-of-town 😦 but that why I choose a seller that was nearby my state. I live in Wisconsin and the seller was in Illinois, perfect match. So I’d expected 7 days of delivery . . . and that what happen I got the books on Monday.

I’ve done other book searches by other authors that I like and see if their foreign books was out on this website and there was so I will make very considerable decisions on if and when I would want to buy other books including the remaining of the Soul Screamers Series.