Book Crazy

Ok it’s not anything new but I am truly book crazy right now.

Here’s why 

Number One: I just finished Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent

Note: this book was freaking amazing! That I might have to re-read it again!

Number Two: I have yet to review Traitor by Megan Curd

I’d just finished it the day before “Before I Wake” arrived

Number Three: I had just purchase 4 books over the weekend . . . Book Obsession!

What are they? Partials by Dan Wells, Dark Eden by Patrick Carmen, This is not a test by Courtney Summers and Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

Number Four: I want to read more of Kitty Norville series By Carrie Vaughn

Like itching to order those books, which by the way is only 6.99 each, That Equals four books in the mail to get free shipping @ B&N J

Number Five: Wait is there a number five? Oh yeah now I remember! Read Forbidden by Megan Curd

I have no clue what this book is about but I’m excited to read it!

Number Six: I am meeting my GRs Reading Challenge which is 50 books read by the end of the year.

                 Applauses to me! 🙂

Number Seven: It’s a new month! It the month of July!

   Well almost . . .

Number Eight: I need to express my love to some pretty amazing authors

                Such as Megan Curd, and Rachel Vincent . . . There’s more but I can’t name them LOL

Number Nine: It’s hotter than hades in Wisconsin so all I can do is grab a book and read

No I don’t live in A/C but when I do move out, I’m going to make sure I get A/C

Number Ten: There’s WAAAY too many books to read

But I love them 🙂