A Discovery!

Ok this is not a book, but it is a relation to a book series. (Update: Rachel Tweeted me saying that they’re still working on the final art work for the mug, I guess its not up to PAR yet so DON”T Order it YET!)

If you haven’t notice I am a HUGE FAN of Rachel Vincent’s Shifters, Soul Screamers and Unbound series, however this discovery is from her Soul Screamer Series.

SO a few weeks back Rachel’s No.1 created a drawing of Kaylee Cavanaugh and yes we all squeal over his amazing artistic skills he is currently working on a more challenging project for Rachel so we have to wait 😦

But the drawing of Kaylee Cavanaugh made it onto a mug provided by http://www.cafepress.com/urbanquill Rachel’s CafePress site So I am SO adding this MUG on my christmas/birthday list 🙂 Here’s what it looks like *It is a large Mug

The price is right and for all you screaming fans, you’ll want this in the comfort of your home 🙂 *Remember to look for Rachel on her website, twitter and FB. http://www.rachelvincent.com/blog/

Kaylee Large MugKaylee Large Mug