Nightshade Day

So today was proably one of the coldest day for the beginng of winter . . . . There was snow on my car this morning

Anyway, I had my infusion today and it went by so fast that I got done a little early than expected, but I guess that what happen when you’re focused on a HUGE English Paper!

So that what I did, but that wasn’t the highlight of my day, Book Author of Nightshade Andrea Cremer was making a appearance in St.Paul, MN and I thought PERFECT! An author event that I finally get to go too. So I checked out the bookstore “Addendum” that was hosting the event and told them I would be there!

THEY  had the orginal cover of Nightshade (Don’t worry Pictures will come) and after an hour I decided that I would purchase the first copy 🙂

She talks about her upcoming projects and if she has many projects in her head (yes she doest), She also talk briefly about her Adult Novel that will correlates with the Nightshade series. Oh did I mentiont there was red wine? although I’m not a fan of red wine but it was okay.

She then read a passage from Rift although I was hoping that she might have a few early copy of RISE but no  . . .

I love the experience I had talking to an real author although I speak to them virtually on Twitter, it was bittersweet to talk to them face to face.

I met Katherine and Marcus the people that hosted the event and they knew me right away which was funny and I was glad to meet them.

Then Andrea Cremer signed all my books I brought, I didn’t bring Bloodrose because I purchase it at B&N earlier previous year and it was a signed copy.

So here’s are some photos of the event