Best Book Boyfriends of 2012

I’ve read many dozens of books this year, with desirable boyfriends and ones that I wish were real . . .


Before I Wake (Soul Screamers, #6)

At first I wasn’t sure about Tod, but after what he’s done since My Soul to Steal and especially in IF I DIE how can you turn him down. Then in Before I Wake sighs the perfect man. He would do just about anything for Kaylee while she struggles to redefine herself after becoming dead. He makes her feel whole and alive more than anything nd he loves her unconditionally.

“For being here. For saving my afterlife and my sanity. For making me look forward to every single day, instead of dreading eternity. And for the record, I don’t care whether you’re wearing  jeans, or the hottest, most workplace-inappropriate candy-striper uniform to ever grace the sterile white halls of this humble public death trap. I’m just glad you’re here.”


Ascend (Trylle Trilogy, #3)

Since book two, I was unsure about Loki, until the end and led him to being quiet an ally for Wendy. He rather be beaten up by the king than bring Wendy to the King. Loki proven himself to Wendy and the rest of the Trylle kingdom despite the fact from where he is from. In the end Loki knew Wendy deserves to be married to love  and they did with the early surprise that had them both stumped but were ready to take on anything.

I knew it was the best thing for you. But I realized how terribly I was going to miss you, and we’d only spent a few moments together.” He brushed back a hair from my face. ” I don’t think I’ve ever really loved anyone until I met you”

Xavier Woods

Heaven (Halo, #3)

Seriously how can you not love Xavier? He is beyond handsome and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Beth after the two committed the most serious crime that Heaven and Hell disagree with. But there was a reason for it all, in the end it didn’t matter his torture was having Beth taken away until she fallen from heaven to become human.

“Baby . . . aren’t you forgetting something? You’ve been to Hell and back. You survive. You’ve seen your friends die and almost died yourself too many times. Nothing should scare you now. Don’t you know how strong you are . . . how strong we are?”

Noah Hutchins

Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits, #1)

The guy that went through everything and poses as a Bad Boy act, no ones knew his past until he found Echo.  Noah was trying to do everything for his brothers after a horrible fire that killed their parents. Then ended up in foster home where he fought against foster parents.  Noah thought he could do anything but in some cases he needed that one person he could confide with. In the end he help Echo out of her darkness, help her find herself once again and her memories.

“If you’re scared, tell me. If you need to cry and scream, then do it. And you sure hell don’t walk away from us because you think it would be better for me. Here’s the reality, Echo: I want to be by your side. If you want to go to the mall stark naked so you can show the world your scars, then let me hold your hands. If you want to see your mom, then tell me that, too. I may not always understand, but damn, baby, I’ll try.”

Archer Cross

Spell Bound (Hex Hall, #3)

We love him, we hate him, and then we love him. Of course we were sure of his motives until the second book and then change his way in the third book when helping Sophie beat the battle at Hex Hall and to prevent a new dark ages.

“We’ve tried to kill each other, fought ghouls, and kissed a lot. I’m pretty sure we’re married in some cultures.”

Barrow Hess

Rift (Nightshade Prequel, #1)

A standoff warrior, but it is true that he is just like others that fallen in love. Barrow trained Ember and found himself falling in love, which was the last thing on his mind. In the end he chose to step away but Ember confronted him and then Barrow reveals his true feelings.  The second book should very well meet the standard of what I’d expect of Barrow and Ember so RISE please come soon!

“No, Ember, that is all your strength and none of mine.” She balked, but he kissed her, murmuring against her lips, “And that is why I love you.”