Rise Review

Here’s the deal, I finished Rise in one day (and a half based on hours) and oh my god, it was freaking to die for!

Rise (Nightshade Prequel, #2) The description

The sequel to Rift and the prequel to the New York Times bestselling novel Nightshade.

Everything Conatus stands for is at risk. Hoping to gather enough resistance to save their order, Ember and Barrow attempt a desperate escape. But fate offers little mercy. When their mission is exposed, the  couple face relentless pursuit by the supernatural horrors that act on the commands of Eira’s ally: the mysterious Bosque Mar. A shocking revelation forces Ember out of hiding, sending her back into the heart of dark magic at Tearmunn keep, where she must convince her old friend Alistair of her love or face dire consequences. Ember’s deception offers the only chance for the resistance to succeed, but what she discovers in the shadows beneath the keep will shatter her world and bring about the Witches’ War.

Richly sensual and full of magic, action and danger, Andrea Cremer’s fifth book set in the Nightshade world is an edge-of-your-seat page turner.

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy I can’t believe how quick I went through this book and I am SO pleased with this sequel of the Nightshade Prequel. Now I have read many sequel books by other authors and often time they leave you confusing, open-ending questions, why did they go out of the box or whatever readers want to whine about. This book RISE was NOT a disappointment, NOT AT ALL.

WARNING: This Post will contain SPOILERS so you have been warned!!!!



The Review:

Andrea Cremer has done it again! Complete success on book number two. This was my favorite Nightshade book to read.

I cannot believe what happen in the book, there was many betrayals, greed and power, romance, and of course twists. ALTHOUGH this book did bring up to how Calla’s story connect of the history mention in the Present day Nightshade. And I was shock who it was and how it all became, now I’m curious even more on the “HOW” part. Many fought for survival and against evil or even against their own people who became foes. Ember kick a** in this book and I think she doesn’t give herself enough credits. Eira is deeply under the influence of dark magic that Bosque has presented, its sister against sister at this point. Alastair filled with obsession of his love for Ember for which she does not give in return. Barrow (Sighs) I envy him so much and he is truly a kind man with a soft spot for Ember. I don’t know what else to say about this book as my non-spoliery review.  There will be Battle Scars and the War has just begun.

My Thoughts:

Ok breathe Kat, breathe . . . there is so much thought in my head about this book and it all good and bad stuff so let’s start with where Rift left off.

Ember and Barrow on the run, Alastair stirs with the thoughts of Ember, Eira makes the rules . . .

Barrow confess his feeling for Ember as she does, but trying to be lovey-dovey on the run isn’t the best time then in that moment questions were brought up and then a mere resting time until Dark clouds started coming their way. Alastair find Ember’s room empty and her horse Caber missing, he feared that she took off out of sorrow after a death of a friend but Eira was determined to have Ember on their side so Bosque offers Alastair a way to track Ember and bring her back. UGH note of reference I am really not liking Alastair anymore (he is a heartless man). Now he’s on the hunt for Ember and just when he found her and Barrow (whose could have been seriously hurt in retrospect) . Ember asks for time, thankfully she could convince him but with a loss of a warrior. Eira and Bosque continue to get people to join them but Eira rules the courts and its no secret she is one scary woman.

Ember tries to put on a brave face but inside, she is scared . . . scared for everyone that closes to her and most loyal to her.  Now I love the pairing of Ember and Barrow, I knew from the start that they were meant to be. While there are boundaries about being with someone, Barrow and Ember pushed it to certain limits. Some examples would be like on the ship heading to france (It was a steaming scene) to confessing love to one another. I’d seriously melt every time one of these two are hopelessly romantic, Ember never had feelings like this and Barrow fought so many times that he really can’t imagine fighting this upcoming war without her.  Here’s a  favorite quotes

“Barrow drew a ragged breath, lowering his eyes, and a few teardrops escaped onto his cheeks.

“I love you,” Ember whispered. No words she’f spoken had ever felt so important or so frightening.

“I have loved no one but you.” Barrow looked at Ember, and she saw that his deep gray eyes were the color of the sea upon which they now sailed.

“Kiss me, Ember.”

Now let’s talk about Alastair, I shuddered every time he would so “greatly” express his concerns for Ember and none other but now he has leverage to get Ember running into his arms. Ember’s sister suffers a unfortutane event, Alastair’s brute brother has knocked Ember’s sister up and disgrace her from her family. Now on the run seeking refuge, Ember’s sister arrive at Tearmunn and Alastair jumps in to allow refuge with Lady Eira’s permission. Although she isn’t sure of the sister’s motives or Alastair’s purpose but Lord Bosque isn’t concern and takes a deep interest in Lady Morrow (Ember’s Sister).

Ok before I spill out this Super Spoiler if you haven’t read Nightshade (Calla’s story) or read Rift I greatly warn you . . .

Alastair came up with an idea, and Lord Bosque seems intrigue to see if Alastair’s idea will follow through, now what is this idea? Bonding man and wolf together . . . dun dun dun. YES it was all Alastair’s doing of how the present time Nightshade was form. Alastair is dealing with dark magic that both Lady Eira and Lord Bosque possess and let’s just say Alastair is more devoted to his new-found idea and nothing else. Ember did return and Alastair gave her many cold shoulders and odd conversation but that is all his test to determine Ember’s true intention of returning back.  So the whole man and wolf concept came from Alastair, he created this bond and curse in a way.

Anybody hear wedding belles? Yes there was a wedding and I was freaking out every moment of the way hoping that someone would object but there was a battle instead. Who got married if you asked? I first wonder about this marriage when I re-read BloodRoss bonus chapter, you should read it if you haven’t and that made me worry because I hated the one character and the other character was in love with another warrior.

Here’s a quote that I had a hard time finding that is from Alastair.

Alastair cuffed Ember, making her head ring from the blow.

“Forget them! You are still mine, as you always will be,” he growled at her.

“And in my possession, you will learn the price of betrayal.”

The Battle has begun, sister against sister battle the side of good and evil. Alastair showed his true colors, Man and Wolf are united. When will the next book come and what will it contains, who will win the battle?


RISE Publication Day

Well this was an exciting weekend for me just before I start a new semester and turning over a new leaf.

IMG_4365IMG_4366So I meet Andrea Cremer again, she was promoting her second book of Nightshade Prequel RISE.

Along my journey of attending events, I discovered new book stores in the cities of Minnesota, so if and when I move to the next state over, I’ll know where to go on occasion.

So there were a small giveaway and that prize was the Nightshade poster that we all seen on FB from Andrea Cremer’s page and the publishing company Penguin Teen, I was able to win one for myself and for my best friend who I know will LOVE IT!  I wish she could have come with me but she had family stuff to do, but maybe the next time she’ll come with me 🙂

One of the fans who is an 8th grader, she loves books so she was able to ask a few questions and try to dig inside Andrea Cremer’s head

IMG_13One of the questions I remember was How did she become to be a writer? It all started when she broke her foot from a horseback riding incident, and figure to give the writing thing a try and BOOM! Nightshade was created.

Andrea did quip that she has other books coming out, one is a co-author David Levithan with a book call Invisibility, there will be a book that will take place after Bloodrose and I believe she said it was adult fiction. then another book (but I didn’t catch what it was). So 2013 alone she has 4 books coming out.  Stay Tune!

Here’s another surprise that I found out at the event, another Author was present . . . yes another AUTHOR, her name is Heather Anastasiu the Author of GLITCH, in February the second book “OVERRIDE” will be release and she’ll be at the same bookstore where I just was at. And then “ShutDown” will be release in July.  So I meet a new Author.

Ok whose ready for pictures?