Infusion Blog #15

It was another Infusion day! BUT! it took longer than usual because of orders being expired so we had to wait for the new orders to be faxed then waiting impatiently for my stuff to come up. I was access for nearly 40 minutes before they finally got my stuff and started. So today I wasn’t done until sometimes after 2pm!  As much I needed a stress free environment I got half.

School is beyond stressed and I’m sooo sleep deprived, I can’t wait for this semester to be over and I will never return back to the university. Those people are nuts paying that much and taking USELESS classes because they want you to broaden your mind. YEAH RIGHT.  I’m on a different track now, and I’m going for something else and I’m still going to pursue a writing career (part-time until I think I need to switch to be a full-time writer).

I made Halloween cupcakes for the staff on the second floor because Halloween is coming up, and in return because of the wait for my IVIG they gave me two VIP tickets to a movie. So I will definitely put those to good use.

So I took some pics of my baking works, a meal that I had which was good. I did some school work today as well but I also took a nap because like I said I’ve been sleep deprived.

I will be doing a Halloween post on Wednesday, not sure what the post will consist of but there will be one and I’m WAAAY behind on posting some book reviews so please pardon me. If anything they will be posted by the end of the year after I’m done with school.

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